Some questions you have may be answered in an interview I did with spoon university, you can find that HERE.


What is your return policy? 

I always want you to be satisfied with your purchase! if you're not, no worries because i do exchanges, returns, resizes and all that good stuff. Im here to get you taken care of.

For returns you have 30 days from date of delivery to return for full price. If your return is between 30-90 days of delivery you will receive store credit. 

I am happy to resize any ring you have but it must be done within 60 days of delivery. One thing to be aware of also is because each spoon ring is made custom to your size, sizing it bigger once its already made may leave a little gap in the ring! 

Whatever it is just shoot me an email and I'll make sure we get you taken care of. 


I'm new here how does it work?

I always forget that not everyone has been here from day one and understands it haha. If someone just stumbled upon my website they would probably be SO confused I can only imagine. Whatever spoon you order will be handcrafted by the ring king himself aka your daddy (me) and a few days later the ice(ring) will be shipped to you. Jk about the daddy part. Kinda.


How does sizing work?

It's pretty simple. Ring sizes are unisex and you give me your size and I make it custom to fit you. This site HERE is pretty helpful! Most popular size that people order is a 7. If you order a ring and it doesn't fit just email me and I'll get you taken care of!


Why don't you do half sizes?

It is such a tedious process making the rings and It's simply just too hard to fine tune them that exact. So that's why, but if you're a half size i would just size down (if you're a 7.5 order a 7 etc.)


Where do you find the spoons for your rings?

Ohhhh boy from all over the place you have NO idea. I search and search and search and search some more and honestly I get so exhausted hahaha. When I travel I'll go seek out merchants, thrift stores, random kitchen stores, or honestly just anywhere I can find them. I've even asked restaurants and cafes if i can have a spoon, sometimes they'll say yes hahaha.

I get most of them from different shops when I travel, but I can’t find nearly find enough that way so sometimes I’ll go to other random places (merchants, friends grandmas old silverware, etc.). As I've grown I've had to find different ways to keep up. I’m working on designing my own spoons I can bend into rings and I’m SO EXCITED. Keep your eyes peeled.


How long does it take you to make a ring?

TOO LONG. Because I make everything after they're ordered I'm usually making an entire collection at a time. And because I'm doing everything from stamping shipping labels to creating rings it takes me about 4 days straight. Like for about a week straight it is a wake up to bed time thing. So stressful trying to make sure everything gets made and shipped and to the person who bought it and everything gets out as soon as possible. Stressful but worth it.  


Does making these hurt your hands?

I'm assuming you've never seen the pictures on my story of my bruised, blistered and sometimes BLOODY hands. Yes hahaha, making these do hurt my hands. BUT WORTH IT.


Have you ever considered making other types of jewelry?

Yeah I have, I’ve made bracelets and necklaces for myself. But to be honest I kinda like that I just make those for me and don't plan on selling them anytime soon. I guess you never know but rings have always been my thing so I'll continue to be the RING KING for awhile :)


What's the key to copping a ring before anyone else?

Set alarms, be on the site when the collection drops and I’ve found those who check out right away usually have better luck. Sometimes people say that while they were checking out people bought the ring that was in their cart. So yeah, you gotta be quick.


When is the next collection coming out / restock?

I drop one collection a month. Usually around the 20-30th of every month. Stay tuned on my instagram for when the next ones drop.  


Is it possible for you to post pictures of the rings after they're made/on a hand? Sometimes i have trouble picturing what they would look like as a ring.

Because I make the ring to your custom size after it is ordered, I can't make it until i know what your size is! So it's not really possible :/ But I'm always posting people with their rings on my insta story so maybe that can give you an idea, Also working on a “look book” you could call it.


Why does it take so long for new ones to come out?

Because I need to make the rings from the collection that just dropped. Then collect the next set of rings from a foreign country,  and prep for the next drop. And that just takes me a while.


How long do they take to ship?

The actually USPS shipping takes around 1-3 days, but remember it takes me a while to make your ring. So I try to get collections in your hands within a week!


Do they turn your finger green? or what type of metal are the rings?

Nope. Actually Jk I've had like 3 people tell me theirs has turned their finger green. 95 % of my rings don't but in the very extremely 1 in 10,000 rare occurrence that they do, paint it with clear nail polish you'll be Gucci. Most of them are stainless steel, some sterling silver, some silver plated, and some gold plated!


Are you for real out here selling spoons or like if I buy the spoon am I gonna get a ring?

Hahaha I died at this question. Can’t tell if it’s serious. Neither. you'll get ice. (in the form of a ring)


If I send you a dope ring i got in Krakow will you bend it for me?

I don't know what or where Krakow is but you got it. Just choose the CUSTOM RINGS option on my site. You can send in any spoon of yours and I’ll make it into a ring for you. I do this all the time with spoons people found traveling, or a spoon that belonged to a loved one.


How do you run your business so well while constantly traveling?

Well wow ok first off i took this as a compliment because this is so hard for me and something I'm still trying to figure out as I go. I don't have a straight answer but just staying organized, making list, and trying to get things done before I leave is where i start.


Which rings are available to every collection and which ones are unique to each collection?

There are a million unique to every collection, and the ones that repeat just depend what I find in the next country. So some will make reappearances (but I won't use the same name). The consistent ones are the FORK YEAH and FORK THAT, that I was able to work out a merchant how get some more. Which has been great but I usually don't get very many and they still sell out:(  Same thing with the roses I dropped in the Iceland collection named "GOLD DIGGA" & "CAME THRU DRIPPIN."


Are all rings different?

Well over half of each collection there is only 1 in stock. They are one of a kinds. The others there can be anywhere from 2 - 8+ of.  It just depends how many I happen to find around the world. Everything is so random so really it just depends.


Will there be an engraving option in the future?

My answer use to be yes but now it is HOPEFULLY! Trying to figure that out on the back end of things was AWFUL for me and it was a lot more complicated than I wished it to be. But working on it for the future.





Is there a preorder option bc I'm always too late to buying them!

Nope! And I don’t plan on doing that in the future but I believe in you.


What made you decide to sell your rings?

I've worn these rings since I was 12 years old. Since I was little I noticed how effortlessly and naturally rings elevated a person's appearance and style. It was almost like an expression of someones personality and I thought that was cool.

When I was like 12 years old a family friend, Cody Barker (you have to understand he was my HERO) had a spoon ring. I wanted one so my dad(who is very handy) helped me set up some random tools in the garage to make one. I made these for myself and a very select few for my closest friends throughout junior high and high school.

People would ask where I got them and if i sold them but I wasn't really interested. It sounded like a big leap and scary and it was something that was just for ME. I liked that it was special and unique to who I was. Only I had these rings because I MADE THEM.

A good 7 YEARS after wearing my rings I had a week where 3 strangers (in person) asked where I got them and that same week there was a comment on my instagram "SOMEONE HELP A GIRL OUT and tell me where Tristen’s gets his rings from because they’re BOMB. pls" I decided I'd just do it and sell some for the people who wanted them and that'd be it.

They sold that night. and here we are more than a year later the rest is history. But I think the reason people respond to it so well is because it's something that's always been me. It's authentic, it's a passion, it's who I am, it's a story, it's a deeper meaning, it's something I've taken to who knows how many countries, it's a lifestyle, it's just me.